Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Last Day

“Do you think Chris will make it?” asked Dr Anand.

“I doubt it very much, he has gone too far already” said Dr Rao.

“Does his family know? Are they going to be there?” Asked Dr Anand.

“I think they have a fair idea that he is going but, I don't think they can be there for him..sad isn't it?” said Dr Rao.

Dr Anand fiddled with his fingers nervously. He was young, only thirty two big built with a forty inch chest and hands of an artist but was a bit slow in the head to be the best.
Dr Rao was his guru..his idol. Dr Rao had taken upon him the task of polishing the rough diamond as he called Anand into the brilliant stone he could become. His talent was unquestionable unlike his intellect and Rao thought he could correct that.

“How much time does he have?” Asked Dr Anand.

“Not too much, I am afraid, things will have to move real fast and he really shouldn't be going like this.. ” said Dr Rao.

“You are sure it's terminal?” said Dr Anand.

“Of course I am.”

“How can you be so sure?” asked Dr Anand.

“I read what's on the board very carefully. It clearly says terminal” said Dr Rao.

“2 or 3 Sir?”

“It's 3 and I'm positive” said Dr Rao.

“So when do you think we should tell him?” asked Dr Anand.

“I think about 6.30.”

“Isn't that too early? Let's give him some more time” said Dr Anand.

“We have to be careful that it doesn't get too late...”

“Do you think Australia would have been better?” asked Dr Anand.

“Maybe, but Singapore isn't too bad either for such serious stuff ”  said Dr Rao

So What do you think?? Will Chris get back in time from Agra to catch his Delhi Singapore non stop flight at 9 from Terminal 3 to Singapore to study at University there ??

The mind does play tricks….what you read does not necessarily mean the same as what you think…