Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maobadis .. Shaobadis ..

Maobadis shaobadis.. What's the big deal about them anyway. They say they are reformists and want a new social order. Their means are commendable and their actions swift and sure. They hate schools and hospitals and don't like trains either so they just get rid of them.. Swiftly,surely and completely.
So what if they kill a few hundred jawans on the way to liberation. Life is cheap in india anyway. And if they rape a few women, it is justified after all those are the ways of the jungle and the new social order.
Kishenji as the robinhood of the band of maobadis carries a gun somewhat similar to the flute of the kishenji of olden times. He is playing god after all. They plunder the other poor to give to their own poor and in the process gain control. No arguments just agreements, after all to live on the land is better than living six feet under it.
To wage war against the state is a right of freedom of expression which we should not deny them at any cost.. Even if it means that in the near future all of us would be required to get at least a couple of bullets in each family member. A small price to pay for a new social order.
The goverment dare not smoke them out of the jungles for fear of ruining the environment after all Global Warming is Global and a much larger issue than the Indian state. We must consider that or fear a backlash from the jholawallahs and horror of horrors a candle light vigil at Jantar Mantar. Also the sheer popularity of an interview with untraceable maobadis by our very resourceful media and the publicity and TRPs generated for politicians in the after analysis is beyond what most PR agencies can achieve.
We must give credit to them for providing employment to thousands akin to NREGS and security for all with ample firepower and total delegation of authority to fire. Our poor policemen should probably attend training camps held by them to learn the use of sophisticated weaponery as the 303 is a bit outdated .. Probably by about a 100 years.
The maobadis have achieved what no other political party could, they have succeeded in diverting attention from our border issues and ensured that security personnel in non border postings get as much action if not more in family postings..after all you don't want them to get out of shape do you. Yes, we will lose a few men but then all it will take to forget is one statement or a live screening of an IPL match. Easy.
Maobadis ... Shaobadis.. Let's use them as targets for the Commonwealth Games shooting championships..